The Annual CEO Forum

The  CEO Summit  Uganda brings  together  the  region’s  best  business  and industry minds to engage with thought  leaders, public sector

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The CEO Cluster Teams

The CEO Cluster Teams are 11 Teams  formed to address the 11 respective key economic sectoral levers in Uganda

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The CEO Apprenticeship

The Secretariat has since January 2013 conducted an Annual Apprenticeship Programme for the CEOs-in-waiting.

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Future-Ready Accounting Officers

The Future-Ready Accounting Officers Program (FRAO) is modelled on the CEO Apprenticeship Program (CAP), but specifically for the Public Sector, to address the dearth of competent,  ethical and visionary leaders in Government.

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CEO Summit Business Leadership Award

The CEO Summit established the CEO Business Leader Award to recognize the CEO that has exhibited excellence in ethics and in execution to steer their organization to exceptional and exemplary business success.

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Other Initiatives (coming soon)

  • The CEO Coaching Challenge
  • The CEO Coffee Club
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