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Here are the Programs provided by the CEO Summit Uganda.

  1. The Annual CEO Forum

The  CEO Summit  Uganda brings  together  the  region’s  best  business  and industry minds to engage with thought  leaders, public sector practitioners, development actors and each other with a view to engendering insights into- and influencing and implementing solutions to – business and industry challenges and hindrances to economic growth.

The Annual CEO Forum is an exclusive invitation-only forum, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, that draws together over 200 leaders from all Uganda’s leading private sector firms, civil society and Uganda’s public sector leadership (who are there to listen).

2. The CEO Cluster Teams

The CEO Cluster Teams are 11 Teams – formed to address the 11 respective key economic sectoral levers in Uganda: Monetary Policy, Agriculture, SMEs, Business Climate, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Water & Environment, Energy and Power, Investment, Tourism & Skilling Uganda (HR) – created to drive thematic socio-economic transformation and each chaired by a senior tier-one CEO.

In turn, each cluster – led by the aforementioned CEO – comprises a further 10 carefully selected tier-one Captains of Business, Industry and Research with the mandate to support the restructuring, remodeling and rebuilding of their sector through the identification and coordination of transformational ideas, insights and action commitments.

3. The CEO Apprenticeship Program (CAP)

The CEO Apprenticeship Program (CAP) was borne our of a recognition of the dearth of competent  Ugandans ready to move into corporate leadership positions across Africa.

Driven by the CEO Summit, with strong support from Strathmore Business School, Lagos Business School and the Ministry of Finance, the CAP was designed and started in 2012 to accelerate the readiness of next-generation CEOs who are visionary & ethical leaders.

The CAP Program attracts relatively young but experienced and well-regarded Ugandans in senior middle management  (in C-suite and approaching C-suite positions), whose institutions have identified their potential to grow into the CEO role.

4.  Future-Ready Accounting Officers (FRAO)

The Future-Ready Accounting Officers Program (FRAO) is modelled on the CEO Apprenticeship Program (CAP), but specifically for the Public Sector, to address the dearth of competent,  ethical and visionary leaders in Government Ministries in Uganda.

Designed and commissioned in 2017, the FRAO Program – under the auspices of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance – is a program to re-train current Permanent Secretaries in key ministries to orient them towards more ethical, visionary and execution-driven leadership, and further to train the next generation of Permanent Secretaries and Cabinet Ministers (Under Secretaries, Ministry Project Managers, Leads of Key Institutes and Parastatals).

5. League of East African Directors (LEAD)

The League of East African Directors (LEAD) was founded in 2015, following the continued outcry for stronger corporate governance in the private sector to support the sector’s formalization, regional competitiveness and sustainable strategic growth. LEAD maintains a database of reputable and field-tested East African leaders across all industries – whether their experience is garnered at home or abroad – upon whose expertise companies can tap through positions on their Board.

In conjunction with Strathmore, LEAD also delivers flagship training courses to these directors – and other directors on existing Boards – including The Effective Director and Leading the Board.

6. CEO Summit Business Leadership Award

In its commitment to connecting and training ethical and visionary  CEOs, the CEO

Summit recognized that a missing component for next-generation leaders to aspire to excellence in leadership is the absence of recognition for said CEO excellence.

The CEO Summit established the CEO Business Leader Award to recognize the CEO that has exhibited excellence in ethics and in execution to steer their organization to exceptional and exemplary business success – it is the highest private sector accolade in Uganda and a highlight event in the business calendar.

7. The Innovation Village

  • On the back of Uganda being named as the most entrepreneurial country in the world, and as part of the outcomes of the CEO Summit engagements and CEO Cluster Club discussions, The Innovation Village was born.
  • Located in Ntinda, the Innovation Village is Uganda’s leading hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, providing a platform to launch and incubate new businesses and, in doing so, reduce the failure rate of start-ups in Uganda.

Other Initiatives

8. The Annual CEO Golf Tournament

9. The Annual CEO Forum – Kenya

10. Edition (coming soon