About CEO Summit Uganda

The  CEO Summit  is  where  growth-oriented  Corporate challenge, catalyze and champion transformation. This is a platform for unparalleled gathering of the most influential regional  CEOs, bankers and investors since 2008. It has established itself as a unique platform dedicated to champion the African three-legged stool – the public, private  and  civil  society  in  Uganda  and  the  region,  as  well  as  corporate strategy in the African context, and takes place in a high-quality setting, conducive to doing business.

A  unique  platform  for  thought-provoking  discussions,  the  CEO Summit  – through the Annual Forum and the sector-specific CEO Cluster teams – brings together,  each year, more than 200 restless minds of East African leaders to debate and exchange on the issues affecting region’s economic development.


History & Background

Founded in 2008, the CEO Summit was the brainchild of Peter Kimbowa (PK) of IFE Consultants, a multidisciplinary consultancy firm and think-tank that is an East African leader in Organizational Leadership & Practice, and a confidant to the leadership teams of the country’s most prominent institution

PK founded the CEO Summit Secretariat in the midst of the global financial crisis, alongside a group of like-minded trustees, as an independent think-tank to initiate the premier business forum for chief executives in the country to bring the best ideas for economic growth and transformation to the fore

Our Purpose

The focus of the CEO Summit Secretariat was to provide a policy space and dialogue opportunity for business leaders to collaboratively exchange ideas on surviving and improving the troubling economic environment at the time, and to create an ongoing culture of coming together to harness their collective brain power and experience for a deeper, stronger private sector in Uganda.

The Summit since has birthed 6 flagship innovations to effectively address the issues arising from the Annual CEO Forums