The CEO Apprenticeship Program (CAP)

The Secretariat has since January 2013 conducted an Annual Apprenticeship Programme for the CEOs-in-waiting in selected Tier One Corporate Uganda. The programme is conducted in partnership with East Africa’s leading Business School, Strathmore both at the Kampala Campus and Nairobi Campus.

We have also partnered with Africa’s Leading Business Schools of known organizational repute; Gordon Institute of Business Studies (University of Pretoria) and Graduate School of Business (University of Cape Town) to enable us enrich strategic insights shared by participants.

To date the CEO program has been hugely successful in producing an authentic crop of corporate leaders (including CEOs, members of the C-Suite and Board Memberships of several organizations within Africa including the current Minister for Transport in Zambia).

Among other interrelations, the program sets the stage for answers to the questions here below:

  • Is it technically feasible and socially desirable to build a sustainable common pipeline for the next generation leaders?
  • How is management identifying tomorrow’s leaders and how is management testing and developing them?
  • Does our next level of leadership have potential to drive accelerated and inclusive growth?
  • How to learn, unlearn and relearn from failure